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Business Plan

Posted by Sanja Bojanic on

When do you write a business plan with two kids under 4?

When the kids are asleep? Well, that time is for me, relaxation and catching up with my husband time.

Or maybe waking up at 5am to work on your new business? At that time I'm having my deepest sleep allowing body to recuperate and regenerate so I choose not to mess with how mother nature scheduled us. Also, pretty lucky my 6 month old sleeps well so whole household gets a good run until 7am.

So, lately my business plan and inspiration has been at it's peak while feeding solids to my younger angel. Between all the chitter-chatter with her and wiping mashed food off the walls behind her, I get some ideas and noting them down in my running business plan. I do however make sure my laptop is in my LAP as I'm not so keen on mashed food all over it.

And that's how this mama does her business plans :-)


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